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Human right is the pillar of development.  Without proper achievement in human rights the goal of development would be blink. The organization is the lead Centre in the fights for human rights and dignity in Somalia. The country that collapsed because of civil war the issues of human rights can’t be ignored.

With institutions and systems collapse the human dignity were thrown to the trash.  Somalia remains under the state of collapse for two decades. Youth were the marginalized lot. They are entangled in the tentacles of repression.

The vulnerable communities in SOYVA targeted areas and Somalis in general live in extremely poor and under-developed conditions. Their livelihoods are broadly based on subsistence farming and pastoralism with limited opportunity to earn wages. The predominant livelihood systems are;

1) Pastoralism

  • Argo-pastoralist
  • Agriculturalist: agriculture-based livelihood.

2) Fishing:

3) Urban Residents and IDPs:

SOYVA sustainable relief and agricultural program interventions only add to the current humanitarian and developmental commitments in Somalia, by utilizing the ground solutions to vulnerable community challenges and needs.


The organization puts into operation participatory approaches, strategic planning and community mobilization to find solutions to community problems. Major critical areas that drives and supports in-

  • Basic Education
  • Food security and shelter
  • Peace building through workshops and seminars
  • Human Rights and protection from unwanted cultural practices against girl’s child like FGM and gender-based violence (GBV)
  • Nutrition for malnourished children and mothers
  • Healthcare
  • Youth empowerment programs like small scale business, barber, saloon, tailoring and carpentry.
  • Agricultural development
  • TVET
  • Livestock and Animal Production

Since inception, the organisation was successful to implement a number of emergency and development projects in cooperation with the locals and Diaspore communities. These projects benefited a large number of the most vulnerable communities in Lower Shebelle, Banadir ,Jubbaland ,Hiran and  SWSS. It created credibility, good-track record, close collaboration with the all stakeholders; local authorities and communities.